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Aegeon has reached new heights of excellence with #6. I particularly enjoyed, “Roll the Sod Over Me”, the Dream God installment, and Ferrand in Chinatown.

I don’t usually like stories with a contemporary setting, but both “Fellow Passengers” and “Amore” were solid and well-written. “Fellow Passengers” in particular, with it’s recovered audio narrative device, was quite effective.

And of course the conclusion to the Max Ryan story has me champing at the bit for the next issue!

#6 was an all-around superb effort. This magazine is reaching levels of excellence I wouldn’t think possible in our dull and illiterate age. Keep them coming!

-Anders, internet ghost


Your talk creates feelings of happiness. A lot of work goes into making each issue JUST RIGHT. But what can Ramek say? It is a labour of love.

Dear Ramek,

I love everything about Aegeon. From the authentic pulp look and feel, to the format and font, to the vintage style artwork. Please don’t change a thing! You are the first publisher to get things right all the way through. May Aegeon rule supreme eternally!

Really enjoying The Dream God. Does Mr. Heard have a sequel planned or more stories in the same universe?

Thank you for your kind comments about Aegeon, of course what you say is absolutely true.
Being that Ramek exists in the root timeline from which the other strands of time both cling and grow, and that I rule absolutely from a future you have yet to dream of, I can confirm that Aegeon shall and already does reign supreme eternally. Also yes, the Dream God sequel is well underway, the first installments of which are being published sequentially in Aegeon, and will appear again in Issue 6, which is due to hit shelves in early June. I keep Heard hard at it, as I have taken his heart and keep it in a box, and until he can retreive it he shall not stop working. Keep your eel-spears sharp, livestock-age humans!


Mighty Ramek,
What is best in life?

Thomas S, Italy

To crush the escalating Amazon sales chart, to see the reviews of Aegeon written before you, and to hear the lamentation of cucked, chick-lit, pulp sci-fi publications. – Ramek

Does might make right?

Cody Cigar, Telegram

Ramek is a consequentialist, yes, because violence and warfare remain the ultimate problem solvers, mother nature’s sweet conclusive avenue of choice.

Actually I’m more of a conquestialist.

Regardless of morality, might does in the end make right. However! A true might is guided by a morality, and derives even consequentialist strength from it, so it is not a matter of morality having no practical value.

To counter this somewhat, it is also possible to have might with only a very sparse value system.

Therefore the solution, as understood very well by the Romans, is to ensure your values are in line with nature. Natural value systems do not try to deny might, and its rightness, but include might as a necessity. – Ramek

Ramek/Editors of Aegeon,
Do we deserve to explore the stars? Have we earned the cosmos?

Ghost Cat Erick, Telegram

Some of us do, and many of us don’t. Many of us don’t even want to. This is of course a very weak, ill-considered, and petty, small-minded view to hold. Deserving much beatings and public bloody sacrifice to Aeternia.

Those that don’t wish for the stars shall fall back and degenerate. Those that can make it will attain demigodhood. Trying and failing is at least excusable, but refusing to try is not.

Mightiest Warrior Ramek,
do you have special weapons in your mechanical arm?

Dmitri, Russia

I have many weapons in my mechanical portions, but few I’m willing to relate. There is a cabled harpoon I can shoot from my metal radius-bone, and an electric shock in my grip that can topple a fifty ton bugbear. -Ramek

Whiskey, whisky or Bourbon?

Illuminatus, Telegram

Whiskey. Bourbon is American sugar-water. But truly, earthman, Ramek’s favourite drink is Xenafel, better known as ‘creep-rain’. It is a blue ichor distilled from spacemaggot tear ducts. You puny livestock-age earthmen would probably slip into a coma just from approaching it. -Ramek

Is it even possible for you to have sex with a lady and NOT get her pregnant?

Ron, Telegram
It is only possible if the woman’s womb has been removed. However, even then, there was at least one occasion I know of where my seed did self-fertilize within a hysterectomized slave girl.

She later gave birth in my presence, after only three months, to some kind of golden, shimmering, sexless child with a long and shining halo of streaming hair. The child whispered a prophecy, saying to me: “Watch for the 7th problem, father.” Then the little gipper floated up into the air and vanished. -Ramek

What makes a good female?

Ryan, Telegram

So many questions about female units! But I suppose I must answer. These are the qualities Ramek seeks in a female:

1) Beautiful, butter-like flesh.

2) A strong fight, but not one which counters her even stronger desire to breed and spread the seed of Ramek across the universe.

3) Sweetness.

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