Issue Number 8

Halloween Special! October 2023! At time of writing this title has been nearly a week at NUMBER 1 on Amazon’s science-fiction short story list, beating both Gene Wolfe and Alan Moore!

Feel the cockles of your heart valves warming, carbon-dumplings. But BEWARE. This issue has nothing but doom, gloom, chills, frights, horrors, and lamenting dirges. A funeral march of despair, from page one to the finish, where the pall bearers are as dead as the deceased, and the choir are howling werewolves. Where the sun goes all-black and Typhon raises from Tartarus a storm that captures souls in a black whirlwind.

Abandon All Hope!

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Issue 7

Sharpen your thoughts, late stage fructose-cows, the barriers of your prison shall soon crumble before you, like an atomic crab shedding its black-glass shell. Peruse these very pages and feel the itchy tingling in your pineal gland, worming out of your brain at the promised visions dangled before it like a roast beef dinner before a tapeworm-carrier’s posterior.

Bring those hammers crashing down, in bracered arms, onto the walls of your corn-syrup abbatoir. Free your mind to wander the God-granted plains of imaginative Elysium, and allow Aegeon to be the kratom reverie that deposits you, naked and derailed, upon the windy plane of THE NEW WORLD.

Do not be afraid! Soon the factory will close. HOLD YOUR WARHAMMERS HIGH!

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Issue Number 6

Aegeon crawls up your posterior and plants ideas in your brain, like jewel-seeds. You cannot escape.

Hand your mind over to us, for a few hours, and read fiction that will melt away the limits of reality. Succumb to THE VIGILANT WAY, and don’t be alarmed as you begin taking dashing looks over your own shoulder, fruitlessly searching for the source of the new and exciting voice whispering wild notions in your ear.


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Issue 5

The war continues, true believers! Prepare to make a sword of your mind—as we engage in a martial test of creativity. In unison future-warriors, shall we march over the ruins of the long-dead Harry-Potterized pulp fiction. A gelded institution frozen in time from the ossification of routine and thought-control. From their frozen fingers we shall pry free the secrets of inspiration developed by our titan forefathers.

Let the sound of our marching boots treading their bleached bones to a white chalk fill you with joy. See the sky turn red as we raise our fists to the air.

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Issue Number 4 (December 2022) is OUT NOW!
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The Aegeon Christmas special WILL warm your heart.

Explore the furthest reaches of the past and future, of the possible and impossible,

Give the gift of weird fiction this Christmas.

Issue Number 3 (October 2022) is OUT NOW!
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14 yarns by Brendan Heard, Luke O’Donnell, Rick Damer, James Bratton, A Cutherbertson, Dave Martel, and others.

Eternal Emperors. Mind Surveillance. Time Travel. Space Babes. There is no respite – why would you want one? Sit back and relax, adventurer, as you are taken from your comfortable armchair to the far reaches of space and time – and beyond, to dimensions where dwell beings who set the clockwork of creation.

Issue Number 2 (August 2022) is OUT NOW!
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179 pages of original sci-fi stories by Brendan Heard, FA Alba, Rick Damer, James Bratton, EL Brooks, Ezra Blood, Andre Foolhardy, and others.

Another issue ensues. The war continues.

15 Thrilling sci-fi stories! Artificial gods. Changelings. Memory Loss. Seeded Worlds.

Imaginative fiction will free your mind, untether your limitations by destroying your expected conclusions. Your very desire for an expected conclusion will dissipate, along with your shackles.

Issue Number 1 (May 2022)
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179 pages of thrilling original sci-fi stories by Brendan Heard, Buffalo Jenkins, Earnest Ernie Broom, Fiach MacAodh, Miguel Asturias, and others.

Aegeon is a creative exploration of exciting and consciousness-expanding ideas, inspired by the classic period of the genre.